RidgeRunner 3:10™ & RidgeRunner

Do you have a 12” on center model?

Not yet—but we’re working on it!

Can I punch more than 6 sheets?

The RR will accurately punch through up to 6 sheets at a time. It will mark a dimple on the next underlying panel for a quick start on your next stack of 6.

Will it punch on the ribs?

No. The industry standard is punching on the flats, so that’s what we recommend.

We like to drill the whole stack, so we can’t use the RR, right?

Use our tool to pre-punch the top stack of 6 to mark your hole placement. Then use your drill through the stack. You still get the uniformity of the punch on every panel!

How long do the pins last?

Under recommended usage, pins have been hit thousands of times.

How hard should I hit the pins?

Use a standard 22-24oz hammer with a standard swing.

Are replacement pins available?

Yes. Order through our website.

What are your tools made of?

The body of both the RR and RM is high-density polyethylene. It’s durable and won’t scratch the paint. The arms are anodized aluminum. Pins are machined and hardened to manufacturers’ specs.

Will your tools scratch the paint?

The tool itself will not scratch the paint. As recommended, make sure panels are clean and the bottom of the tool is free of debris.


How do I become a distributor?

We’re glad you asked! Contact us here for more info or give us a call.