RidgeRunner 3:10 roofing tool demonstration
RidgeRunner 3:10™
RidgeRunner 3:10™

RidgeRunner 3:10™

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  1. Stack metal panels and align bottoms.
  2. On overlap edge of all panels, mark position of first row of fasteners.
  3. Align mark on RidgeRunner 3:10® tool with mark on panel edge. Verify that tool is square to the panel.
  4. Strike the four pins with a hammer.
  5. Using center pin, slide RidgeRunner 3:10® up panel. Rotate measuring arm down and lock into place. Adjust measuring arm to appropriate length, measuring from center of drive pin to center of measuring pin.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until whole length of panel is done.

Demonstration Video