Safer Ways To Build With Metal - Local family creates tools to improve metal building material installation

Howard and Gordon Moeggenborg, Co-Owners of County Line Concepts, LLC[MOUNT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN, MARCH 2018--] One morning at 3:10 a.m., after hours spent measuring a metal roof for fasteners, local farmer Howard Moeggenborg awoke with an idea. Three years and several prototypes later, Moeggenborg and two siblings have created a set of products that work together, making installation of popular metal roofs and sidings faster, safer and more consistent.

“One of the biggest problems in the metal roofing industry is injury to workers. Roofers are almost six times more likely to be injured as those in other occupations, leading to lost productivity and revenue,” said Gordon Moeggenborg, co-owner of County Line Concepts, LLC, and Howard’s brother.

The RidgeRunner 3:10® was the first of the brothers' products to be created. It is designed to be used while building materials are still at ground level, making it safer than traditional installation where the bulk of the work happens on the roof.

The tool slides along the material and allows the user to punch perfectly spaced holes in metal roofing or siding before installing fasteners. It can pre-punch up to six metal panels at a time with its hardened, spring-loaded steel punches.

The RidgeRunner 3:10® sparked Gordon's idea for a companion tool, the RidgeMateTM. The tool lets users punch consistent holes in the metal ridge cap and the underlying roof panel, allowing insertion of fasteners with minimal down pressure.

Using the RidgeRunner 3:10® and the RidgeMate
TM tools can cut preparation time up to 75% and results in a more professional-looking job.

Aesthetics, durability, and fire resistance are three of the biggest reasons consumers choose metal for their building projects, both exterior and interior. With metal roofing and structures continuing to grow in popularity, the market for these tools is significant. Together with their sister, Betty Campbell, the Moeggenborgs are seeing increasing sales throughout the United States and a strong international interest. These tools are affordable for even small contracting businesses.

“The metal roof industry is growing, and this company is ahead of the trend with their innovative line of tools,” said Erin Strang, president and CEO of CMURC. “These tools are designed to reduce common dangers and help construction professionals finish the job.”

About County Line Concepts, LLC
The RidgeRunner 3:10® and the RidgeMateTM are products of County Line Concepts, based in Central Michigan. The tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA.


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